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Join Our Team at Local Community Blast:  Now Signing Exclusive Markets
Are you looking for an exciting career in business? At Local Community Blast, one person can make a big impact. For the most motivated, passionate and team-oriented individuals, we offer an environment that is perfect for thriving toward excellence. We place high value on customer service, teamwork, and seeing you succeed.
Thanks for your interest in joining our team.
To inquire about Territory Openings:
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Join Our Team!

​We are currently opening new markets in 2016 and will continue building into 2017!

Contracts are available for most large markets outside Michigan, so contact us today to inquire about running your own area for Local Community Blast.  

Backed by national brands, Local Community Blast may be just the right partnership for your future income goals.

Why LCB?
Local Community Blast is easy for any business to incorporate into their current ad campaign.

Local residents see our ads as soon as they sort their mail. The postcard is  8x10, glossy and eye-catching.

At approximately 7 cents per home our mailer card is very affordable for the merchant that wants to reach their local residents now.

Our competition includes ValPak - a mailer envelope that may have 40+ coupons inserted, with no exclusivity so advertisers are packed in with their competition.  How many end up in the trash or put aside for later reading?

Local sunday papers or daily mail may have money mailers magazine with dozens of ads...again...how many are read or trashed instead of being looked at?  

So, Local Community Blast offers nearly 100% visibility, Exclusivity to merchants, and we can truly say....."Your Ad will be seen by your customers right away!"

Our support for you as Marketing Director is excellent.  We do all the graphics & design, printing, and your mailers get shipped right to you from our printer.  Our marketing directors do the marketing and sales and collect the funds first, so you get paid right away!  It's a Partnership!
Our Marketing Contracts are EXCLUSIVE: 
Only 1 Marketing Director per area. 
If you are ready to get rolling, 
Contact us Today.
What zip code and state are you located in?
Best email to reach you?
Best phone and time of day to reach you?
What major town or city are you located close too?
Do you have any direct sales experience? How many years if any? Selling to businesses?  Please elaborate here... 
Have you ever owned a business?
How soon do you want to start your LCB Business?
Do you have $900 to $1200 working capital to help you get started with marketing materials?
Do you have a minimum of 25 hours per week to make sales calls on local businesses?
Please allow us 24-48 hours to contact you back Mon-Fri.
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