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B2B BLAST  to 5000 local business owners
We welcome you to try our BLAST to local business owners. Each blast goes out to local business owners 4 times per year in each zone.  In your market you may have 1 zone or several zones.   If you market a service or product that is great for targeting  local businesses  B2B BLAST is perfect for you  Each zone is made up of 5000 local business owners. Check with the local marketing director for more information.
Attractive attention grabbing envelope
Large full color glossy ads in a handy attractive tri-fold brochure.  
  • Attractive Attention Grabbing Envelop
  • Affordable for every business
  • Handy tri-fold brochure take and save
  • Full color layout
  • ​Free Ad design service
  • All inclusive, Ad design, postage, printing
Outside of brochure
Inside of brochure
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