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Local, Regional and National Brands 
who put their Trust in Local Community Blast
Our Advertisers
What our customers say...

ACE Hardware
"That is the best response we have had in many many years, over 256 coupons in 2 days...keep us in!"

Marcos Pizza
"We get great response everytime...your in our budget"

Assist to Sell Realty  Hudsonville, MI
"We get great response and leads every time we do your mailer"

Biggby Coffee Grandville, MI
"love your card, we lost count how many coupons we got back...they are still coming in...Lets keep it going!  We also own Subway..lets do that also next time!"

Culvers Restaurant
" We get great response every time we work with you...Thanks!"

Comfort Dentistry
" We spent $2000 every month doing our own mailer in one market! Now we can do several markets for much less and get GREAT RESPONSE!"

VanWieren Hardware
"Thanks!  We do awesome with your mailer!" 

Beechwood Cleaners
"We do really well with this mailer. Plan on us for a long long time"

Chicken Lickin
"We always do great with your mailer...Thanks Dano"

Dekkers Jewelry
​" We love the logo you created for us, love the Mother's Day ad...absolutely great!"

Bruces Blacktop
"Your mailer is awesome. I get great leads. Lets do more markets"

Jerry's Little Engine Repair
"love your mailer. It works for me! Thanks for being there"